The Grand Finale

17 Oct, 2014
Who will be The Voice of Afghanistan this Season?

We are finally down to the last 3 Candidates for the teams.  The contestant with the highest vote will win and become The Voice of Afghanistan.

10 Oct, 2014

The 4th Live Show

1 week away from the Grand Final

This week the last Live Show took place and the final 3 candidates have been chosen by the public.

9 Oct, 2014

Result Show - Episode three

The last Result Show!

The public voted and the last 3 contestants were chosen. Who is 1 step close to become the winner?

3 Oct, 2014

The 3rd Live Show

Everyone is nervous!

It was also the turn of the Coaches to be nervous as almost all of them had a favorite on their Teams and were hoping for the results of public voting to select them as the finalist for their Team....

2 Oct, 2014

Result Show - Episode two

Who stays and who leaves?

Each coach again saved 1 of their team members and the public voted for the rest.  Only 6 contestants will proceed to the Live Show 3 to fight for the title of “The Voice of Afghanistan”.

2 Oct, 2014

Result Show - Episode one

Getting 1 step closer to the winner!

As we get closer and closer to the best contestant of each Team, the emotional moments on the stage are dramatically increasing. Each coach saved 1 of their contestants during the 1st Live Show....

26 Sep, 2014

The 2nd Live Show

Only the public decides!

This week only 9 contestants made it to the next round. The Coaches can only save 1 contestant and the rest will depend on the voting again.