Aryana Sayeed

The Glamorous Diva of Live Performance

Born to a Dari speaking Mother and a Pashto speaking Father, Aryana left her birthplace of Afghanistan at a very young age.  After initially migrating to Pakistan, Aryana and her family eventually settled in Europe where after a few years of residing in Switzerland, Aryana now calls London, England as her home away from home.  Passionate about music and singing since her younger days, Aryana joined a Choire during her school years in Switzerland.  After graduating as a Business Administrator from college, Aryana decided to pursue a career in the Music Industry as an Artist.  Despite facing many challenges in the first couple of years of pursing her passion, the decision finally paid off when Aryana’s talent was recognized through winning multiple awards as an Afghan Female Artist.  In her brief career as an Artist, Aryana has already won four Music Awards, including Best New Female Artist of the Year, Best Female Artist of the Year, Best Live Performer Award and most recently Best Video of the Year.  Aryana’s music videos on YouTube have already exceeded more than 5 million views in total.  In addition to writing and composing her own songs, Aryana is also credited to be the first Afghan Artist whose song was broadcasted on international TV channels with her hit single “Mashallah”.
Aryana has performed over 50 concerts worldwide and is adored by both male and female audience members ranging from 3 year olds all the way to 65 olds.  Known for her stylish dresses, Aryana brings beauty, glamour and an established reputation as a talented “Live Performer” to the Team of Coaches of The Voice Afghanistan.