Born in Kabul, Popal like many other Afghans was forced to leave Afghanistan along with his family and migrate to Pakistan while was he was still very young.  After graduating from Khwaja Abdullah Ansari High School in Peshawar, Popal and his family returned to Afghanistan after the fall of the Taliban regime.  Upon his return to his country of birth, Popal started his career as an employee of UNHCR.  In 2003, Popal officially stepped in the field of Media where he started his career as a Sports Reporter for Arman FM.  Afterwards, Popal started presenting some shows on Tolo TV.  He has served as the Presenter of Hop, M&U, Zer-e-Chatr Eid, Qandeel and also many concerts broadcasted on Tolo TV.  


With his friendly and presentable appearance, his unique voice and talent as a Presenter, Popal looks to bring positive energy, enthusiasm and positive image for TheVoice Afghanistan.