Afghanistan, are you ready for The Voice!?

The Stage is Set and the Coaches are Ready

After months of hard work by the Set Designers and a tremendous amount of pre-production work, the time has almost arrived for the biggest musical talent show ever held in Afghanistan to take flight with “Blind Auditions” followed by “The Battle Show” and finally the grand finale stage of “Live Shows”.  The Voice Afghanistan, a world renowned musical talent show format will make its debut in Afghanistan on Tolo TV with an introductory episode on May 24th followed by the first official episode of Blind Auditions on May 31st.  The team from Tolo TV visited different corners of Afghanistan in search of the best voices and exceptional talents who will have the honor of performing on the big stage with the dream and desire to be crowned as the winner of the first ever Voice of Afghanistan.


In total, the four well known and established Coaches; Nazir Khara, Aryana Sayeed, Obaid Juenda and Qais Ulfat, will have the tough task of selecting sixteen (16) members each for their individual Teams who will initially compete against each other and eventually against the best and remaining talents of their opposing Teams in pursuit of the winner’s title.  What makes The Voice more interesting compared to other musical talent shows is the fact that the Coaches make their selection of Team Members solely based on their “voice” as initially it is the back of their chairs facing the Contestant. If the Contestant is able to impress either one, two, three or all four of the Coaches with their performance, by pressing the red button on their chairs and turning around to face the Contestant, the Coaches express their desire to have the successful individual as a part of their Team.  If more than one Coach presses the button, it is the Contestant who will have the upper hand and would have the freedom of deciding which Coach to select.


The stage is set, the Coaches are ready and the Contestants are in the final moments of their practice before they step on the big stage for their big test.  Let TheVoice Afghanistan begin!